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Fifth Grade

“My hope is that I provide my students with the desire and the tools they need to learn, to love, and to live. The outcome will be well worth the work.”

~ Jennifer Mueller


Mrs. Bird, Ms. Facktor, Mrs. Graas, & Ms. Newton



As an intermediate level, the following are common expectations:

  • Respect God: Give Him all the glory; Be thankful for your education; Have a good attitude
  • Respect Students: Treat others better than yourself; Use kind words; Include everyone, just like Jesus did.
  • Respect Adults: Listen when adults speak; Do not interrupt; Obey directions the first time
  • Respect Belongings: Personal belongings must be in assigned place; Treat items that are not your own better than your own; Keep our classroom neat and organized.


Students explore the seven sacraments of our faith. In fifth grade, students prepare to take the ACRE religious education assessment. We look at how Jesus helps bring us closer to God and how we can be more Christ like. Students develop a deeper understanding and commitment to their Catholic faith.


 Language arts focuses on how to read in order to interpret what you are reading. There is a mix of student-choice and teacher-choice reading selections. Successful students not only read the words on the page, but examine the deeper meaning behind those words.


Fifth grade students will explore the following concepts:  decimal place value, multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry, and measurement.  Students participate in problem solving and mental computation.


Students follow the Next Generation Science Standards.  They develop questioning and problem-solving skills as they explore scientific and engineering concepts in physical, life and earth sciences.  In addition to being independent learners, they have many opportunities to work in collaborative settings.  The online STEMscopes program allows students to engage in learning using different techniques.  It guides them through the 5Es Model: explore, engage, explain, elaborate and evaluate.


In fifth grade, students focus on the history and geography of the Western Hemisphere, including the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires; interaction between societies; and the comparison of the government and economic systems of modern nations.  The growth of their connection to citizenship and the workings of society assist them during their field trip to Junior Achievement BizTown. The culminating project for the students is a country report.


Fifth graders will learn about cultural art, symbols and imagery and use a variety of materials. One project will often relate to the next in some way and the students have to know why or try to understand the relationship.  Their art projects may also correlate to another subject they are studying.


Students build on previously learned skills. We will do a variety of projects depending on the season. Research skills are an important part of learning in fifth grade. Learning to be an effective note taker, better writer, and learning study skills are a few areas on which students will work.  Students learn about different authors and styles of writing.  Relay races to find books in the library is always fun!


In 5th grade students learn how to play the Ukulele. The start off the year with a quick review of notes and rhythms and then spend the second half of the year learning how to play the Ukulele and sing-a-long with it. At the end of the year, after all their hard work, they have a performance at the awards ceremony.


Fifth graders work more on refining sport skills for basketball, volleyball, flag football, floor hockey, and soccer. They also work on life time skills such as jump rope, components of fitness, speed stackers, etc. Students learn to take more leadership roles during class such as leading stretches and exercises. There are also holiday theme games during the holidays and emphasis put on sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive communication.  Each student is given points based on effort, participation, and sportsmanship.


The Spanish curriculum is taught in a cross-curricular way, supporting learning in other subjects through the Spanish language and culture. Literacy:  Numbers from 0 – 100, Syllables Sounds, Basic expressions, body parts, Age,  class objects, Days, months, Seasons, Articles, House words, Clothing, Classroom commands & objects. Religion: Hail Mary prayer Cultural: Holiday vocabulary such as Easter, Day of the Dead, Christmas & Cinco de Mayo.


Fifth graders use a Google account and Chromebooks. They learn how to use Google apps, including the drive to save files. Copy and Paste skills are taught, and full document skills will be learned. Proper methods of research, including simple citations, are taught. More advanced document formatting is learned, including proper name/date headings using tabs.


  • JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT BIZTOWN: Biztown is a simulated city built, populated, and governed by kids. On the very first day of their very first jobs, students experience applying and interviewing for jobs, keeping a work schedule, managing personal budgets, and opening a small business.
  • SERVERS: Starting in fifth grade, students may be trained to be altar servers for school and weekend masses.
  • SPAVA: It stands for Society for the Prevention for the Aggressiveness and Violence among Adolescents. This is an organization which sends a speaker to school whose mission is to produce a nonviolent society by being mentors and role models for the youth. Students participate in SPAVA once a week for five weeks.
  • AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS: STEM Robotics Club- Vex Competitive Level, Quick Recall, Book Bee, Art Club, Rosary Club, Math Club, The Green Team
  • GRANDPARENT LUNCH: Grandparents come to eat lunch with their child.

Fifth Grade Teachers

Mary Jo Bird
Mary Jo Bird
Intermediate Math Teacher
Mary Jo started her third “career” teaching 2nd grade at St. Martha in 2012. After…
Rebecca Facktor
Intermediate Science & Social Studies Teacher
Rebecca Facktor comes to St. Martha after one year of teaching at St. Leonard, where…
Cathy Graas
Intermediate Religion Teacher
Cathy Graas is a life-long St. Martha Shamrock! Mrs. Grass is a member of the…
Bree Passanisi
Intermediate Language Arts & Math Teacher
Bree Passanisi is a part of our amazing intermediate teaching team! She teaches Language Arts…

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