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“My passion is incorporating fun in the classroom, along with learning, so the children love to come to school. Each child learns differently, both physically and mentally, so we establish different learning techniques based on the children's needs.”

– Holly Oyler, Preschool Director


Mrs. Kidwell, Mrs. Oyler & Ms. Schoo

Special Activities


We feel very fortunate to be able to offer a high quality early childhood program with a skilled teaching staff. Our program provides an up-to-date, imaginative and stimulating learning environment for your child in a well-equipped, child-centered school setting. Our Preschool is designed to develop children’s knowledge and skills in all developmental areas – intellectual, emotional, social and physical.

It is important for your child to feel good about himself/herself and secure within our school environment. This will be the first school experience for many of the children. In the beginning of the year, we will concentrate on helping your child get comfortable with his/her new environment, make new friends, and learn a new routine. Time for the use of large motor skills will be provided daily either indoors or outside.


The religious school atmosphere provides value-guided interaction and modeling for the younger child. The children pray regularly at the beginning and end of the day and before meal times. The Seeds religion program is taught each week.  It includes Bible stories and ways to follow Jesus and His teachings. The seasons in the Church calendar are taught as they occur (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter). Although preschool students do not attend the weekly mass with the K-8, they are brought to church at times to pray and talk about what they see. In November, the preschool has a Thanksgiving Prayer Service to which parents and grandparents are invited.


Although the schedules and ability levels will vary, each class will spend part of the day in supervised learning centers. This time fosters independence in children, as they are able to choose from many centers. The centers will vary according to ability level and the weekly theme, but may include: writing, listening, books, puzzles, manipulatives, blocks, art, easel, games, computers and home living. These learning centers are fun for the children and provide one-on-one contact with the teacher as they reinforce specific skills.


Another part of each day will be spent in large group activities. This time will include stories, finger plays, songs, movement activities, listening games, as well as lessons on specific topics or themes. Emphasis will be on balancing activities to help the child’s active interest.


Preschool focuses on the basics of art and how to recognize them.  Students learn colors and shapes, patterns and lines, color mixing and the safe and correct use of tools. Working at in school and at home on holding tools, pinching and grasping objects is especially important in developing fine motor skills.


In pre-school the focus is on making music with voices, hands and feet. Students use instruments like the piano, xylophone and drum to learn rhythm and reinforce things they are learning in class like numbers and letters. There is a Christmas and end-of-the-year program.


Students in Pre-K learn how to use a mouse and keyboard, and play games to learn counting, colors, and their alphabet.


  • PARENT READERS: Parents sign up and come to the classroom to read to the class throughout the year.
  • THANKSGIVING FEAST: Students are pilgrims for the day, celebrating Thanksgiving with a Thanksgiving Feast, as the real pilgrims did.
  • THANKSGIVING PRAYER SERVICE: Students go to the church to sing and pray with parents and grandparents. Parents and grandparents are then invited to eat lunch with their child.
  • CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: There is a Christmas performance in Bethany Center in December. Children sing and perform songs for the season.
  • POLAR EXPRESS: The kids hear the story The Polar Express and then have a treat of hot chocolate and cookies.
  • PRESENTATIONS: Louisville Water Company, Mr. Magic, Pediatric Dentistry, Second Chances Wildlife, and firefighter with a fire truck come to St. Martha and make learning fun for all.
  • TEA TIME: Going along with a study of the letter T, parents are invited to come join their child for muffins and tea/coffee before school.
  • END OF THE YEAR PROGRAM: Students put on a performance at the end of the year to celebrate all they have learned. Four year old students who will move on to Kindergarten are recognized in a special way.

Preschool Teachers

Fran Kidwell
Preschool Teacher
Fran Kidwell and her family have been members of St. Martha since 2010. Mrs. Kidwell…
Holly Oyler
Holly Oyler
Preschool Director
Holly has been with the Archdiocese of Louisville for over 25 years. She is passionate…
Stephanie Schoo
Stephanie Schoo
Preschool Teacher
Stephanie Schoo has been teaching since 2000. Her own strong Catholic values allows her to…

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