Andy Whitson brings a love a history to the classroom. He is passionate about sharing this love with his middle school students. Prior to moving to Louisville, Andy worked at Paducah Tilghman High School in western Kentucky. Andy is excited to be a part of the St. Martha community!

“I am passionate about teaching students how exciting history can be!”

Q & A with Mr. Whitson

Highlight of the year:

I would have to say that Rockathon is the highlight of the year! I am impressed with how well the community comes together to support the school.

I am passionate about teaching students how exciting history can be!

My philosophy for teaching is that, as educators, we have to help students recognize that they are more capable than they usually give themselves credit for.

Favorite part of teaching:

My favorite part of teaching is seeing my students get excited about learning history and when they start to make the connections of how history has affected the world that we live in now.

Favorite thing about St. Martha:

The best part of St. Martha is the administration and support system they have in place for teachers and students. It is remarkable and makes our community feel so cared for.

My hope for my students:

I hope to see my students succeed at whatever task is in front of them.

Fun fact:

I love to camping, hiking, gardening, and video games when I have free time.


Bachelor’s in Psychology, Sewanee: University of the South