Extra-Curricular Activities

St. Martha Catholic School believes that participation in extra-curriculuar activities enhances the both the academic and social experiences of at St. Martha education. We have intentionally built after school clubs to further the mission of St. Martha where students are encouraged and supported to discover who they want to be, explore the world, and share their gifts and talents through education, servant leadership, and Christian living.


Academic Team: Future Problem Solving (4th, 5th, 7th, 8th) – Future Problem Solving (FPS) helps students obtain lifelong goals by teaching problem solving skills today. The diverse components of this internationally recognized, award-winning program prepare students for emerging new realities.

Academic Team: Quick Recall (4th-8th) – Quick Recall is an academic game played by two teams with four players each. Questions for Quick Recall coordinate with the Kentucky Association for Academic Competitions. Players use a lock-out buzzer system to ring in before the other team’s players on “tossup” questions.

Art Club (1st-8th) – During weekly meetings members will explore different mediums of art. 

Book Bee (3rd-8th) – Book Bee is an academic team in which students read from a group of books with varying genres, subjects, and difficulty, preparing for a competition with other Archdiocese of Louisville schools. Book Bee promotes a community of literacy with a positive goal to work toward, and provides a forum to display the fruits of their hard work. 

Journalism (6th-8th) – Journalism Club provides a platform for young journalists to explore their passion for writing, editing, publishing, photography, and design. Club members have the exciting opportunity to create engaging publications that capture the vibrant spirit of our school community. In Journalism Club, students will write news articles and blurbs, keeping the community informed about the latest happenings on campus. They will also showcase their photography skills by capturing memorable moments at school events. Additionally, students will contribute to the design and layout of our school yearbook, creating a treasured keepsake for all. By participating in Journalism Club, students will develop essential communication skills, storytelling abilities, and an eye for visual aesthetics. They will learn to collaborate effectively as a team and gain hands-on experience in the exciting world of journalism and media production.

Media Club (6th-8th) – Open to Middle School students, Media Club will explore filming and editing techniques.

Robotics (4th-8th) – Our Middle School VEX Robotics Team will compete in the VRC League. Each team will build and program their own robot and compete against one another. Competitive robotics encompasses the four parts of STEM; science, technology, engineering, and math. It encourages important life skills like teamwork, communication, and project based learning. 


Altar Servers (4th-8th)Beginning in 4th grade, students at St Martha are able to begin partiicpating in mass as an altar server. Servers are an important part of mass and a great way for students to give back to their school and church. It is a wonderful way to reinforce the importance of stewardship!
Green Team (1st) – The Green Team is a student-led organization committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Through collaborative efforts and innovative ideas, we aim to make a difference by reducing our ecological footprint, promoting eco-friendly initiatives, and raising awareness about pressing environmental issues.
Kindergarten Kindness Club (K) – Kindergarten Kindness Club is open to all St M kindergartens. We do a wide range of activities, crafts, and service projects that spread kindness throughout the school and community.
Rosary Club (2nd-8th) – Rosary Club explores why Catholics pray the Rosary, the mysteries of the Rosary, and learns the proper way to pray the Rosary. The students will make Rosaries of their own to either keep for themselves, or to give away to family/friends.
Intermediate Service Club (3rd-5th) – Dedicated to the values of kindness and service, the Service Club for grades 3-5 will allow students to participate in opportunites to help the school and greater community.
Middle School Service Club (6th-8th) – Our Middle School Service Club will provide students in grades 6, 7, and 8 the opportunity work collaboratively to make a positive impact on their school and in their community. Through volunteer work and various projects, middle school students will learn the value of giving back, develop leadership skills, and foster a strong sense of civic responsibility.
Safety Patrol (6th-8th) – Members of the Safety Patrol are committed to ensuring our students arrive safely each day. During morning carpool, patrollers open car doors and greet fellow students, directing them to the sidewalk. They are able to assist smaller students in getting out of their vehicles. Inside of the building, they help direct traffic to ensure things run smoothly.


Cooking Club (3rd-8th) – The Cooking Club is an opportuniy to teach students critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. It also allows students to appreciate real food as they learn about ingredients, seasonings, and meal prep. Lastly, this is an opportunity for students to learn about nutrition and basic life skills. 

Boy & Girl Scouts (K-8th) – Scouts learn leadership skills, provide community service, and participate in outdoor activities year round. This is a parish sponsored group, so those outside of the school may participate.

Music Programs (PreK-2nd) – In music classes, students in Preschool-2nd grade prepare a Christmas production which is performed in front of an audience. Preschool and Kindergarten students also have an end of the year program.

School Choir (5th-8th) – Students will sing a variety of songs and participate in a Christmas performance! Choir will take place from September until December. 

Spring Musical Production (4th-8th) – Students audition for parts in a Spring production. Students are actors and help with lighting, sets, costuming, and make-up.

Student Council (6th-8th) – Middle school students are eligible to participate in Student Council. They are representatives for the student body, planning service opportunities for the school and working cooperatively with the Administration.

WRCK (7th-8th) – This is a program providing announcements for students each morning. Students prepare the news of the day and lead the school in prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Youth Choir (3rd-8th) – Members of St Martha’s Church Youth Choir use their talents to worship God, lead others in worship, and reach out to others with the good news. Members of the choir will begin learning to read music and explore a variety of music styles. The choir sings at all school masses and at the parish’s monthly Youth Mass (first Sunday of the month at 11am). Choir members may also cantor these masses.

Youth Group (7th-8th) – St. Martha’s 110% Youth Ministry! Junior High Youth can explore the Catholic Faith and give 10% back to their communities. We will look at: health/wellness, social life, service, worship, prayer, building community, being professional, scripture/catechism, liturgy training, leadership, and team building. When we give 10% of our time, talent, and treasure to our communities then we can go 100% in life.