School Advisory Board

The St. Martha School Advisory Board exists for the purpose of advising on the development of school policy on matters including, but not restricted to, students’ conduct, safety and welfare. These policies are in accordance with Archdiocesan regulations and subject to Parish Council approval.
  • Determining policies relating to the planning, operating, and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  • Reviewing an annual school budget prepared by the principal, parish finance manager, and the pastor.
  • Approving admissions/limitations policies as determined by pastor and principal.
  • Acting as a liaison body with local and state school officials. Creating better understanding and support of Catholic education.

The Board conducts regular meetings on the second Tuesday each month during the school year. All regular meetings of the committee shall be open to the public. The right of such non-members to address the committee shall be limited to those whose petitions have been received one (1) week prior to the meeting and approved for the agenda in advance of the meeting.

The School Advisory Board consists of seven lottery-selected members of the parish, plus one alternate, the pastor, the principal, faculty representative, and PTO representative.