Mary Jo Bird started her third “career” teaching at St. Martha in 2012. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Finance from Western Kentucky University, Mrs. Bird began her first career working as a bank auditor. She married her husband, Charlie, and became a mom of two sons, Chris and Daniel. She was blessed with her second career as a stay-at-home mom, which provided her with time to volunteer at her sons’ school for several years, before working at St. Albert as a 1st grade instructional assistant for 6 years. In 2010, Mrs. Bird obtained her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Bellarmine University.

“I love music and try to incorporate it into my teaching whenever possible. I also reward positive behavior in a variety of ways, both individually and as a class.”

Q & A with Mrs. Bird

Highlight of the year:

My favorite part of the year happens every day when students “get it” in math. It’s so rewarding as a teacher when they have an “aha” moment and it builds their overall self confidence.


I’m most passionate about preparing my students for their next year in math by teaching the most important concepts in an effective manner.  As their religion teacher, I also have the unique opportunity to help them strengthen their relationship with God by my words and example.


 I love music and try to incorporate it into my teaching whenever possible. I also reward positive behavior in a variety of ways, both individually and as a class.

Favorite part of teaching:

I truly love getting to see my students grow in confidence and knowledge from the beginning of the school year until its end.

Favorite teaching memory:

As a Eucharistic Minister, I am blessed to give them holy communion several times a year at school masses. Since I had many of them in second grade, I absolutely love watching them grow and change as children of God.

Favorite thing about St. Martha:

While there are so many things I love about St. Martha, I think that I’m so impressed by the dedication of all the school families. There are many families who are the second or third generation to attend this school so it speaks volumes of their confidence in our faculty and staff.

There are so many annual activities that I think are unique to this school because of parents’ dedication such as the Shamrock Games, Parent/Grandparent lunches, Pretend Mass Day and the Spring Fling.

My hope for my students:

My hope for all of my students is that they feel safe and loved in my classroom at all times. I hope and pray that they’ll look back many times in their long and happy lives and always feel glad that they were a part of my class!

Fun fact:

I’m been married to my husband Charlie for over 22 years. I’m a proud parent of two sons who both currently attend U of L (Go Cards!). I’m blessed to be the tenth of eleven children (7 girls and 4 boys). I love to sing, listen to music, and go for walks in the park with my husband and dog whenever possible.


Bachelor’s in Finance, Western Kentucky University
Master’s of Arts in Education, Bellarmine University