Haley Jenks began her teaching career in 2016. She has five years teaching experience in 1st grade. She attended the University of Louisville where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Haley has also specialized in Project Based Learning and Phono Graphix. She is passionate about teaching and loves making learning visible.

“My hope for my students is to empower, engage, and educate every child in my class.”

Q & A with Ms. Jenks

Highlight of the year:

So far, my highlight is being back in the classroom with my children! I have missed traditional school.


I believe in empowering children and giving them the tools they need to survive in the 21st century. Since I started teaching, I have been passionate in my commitment to three things: maximizing individual student performance, inspiring students,  and instilling social and emotional skills.


My role as an educator is to cultivate love, leadership, challenge students, and create a safe environment for children.

Favorite part of teaching:

My favorite part of teaching are the students!

Favorite thing about St. Martha:

My favorite part of St. Martha  is the camaraderie and support amongst the community.

My hope for my students:

My hope for my students is to empower, engage, and educate every child in my class.

Fun fact:

I have hiked the Appalachian trail, parts of New Zealand, and Maui!


Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, University of Louisville