Jennifer Mueller is our Art teacher and has been teaching St. Martha since 2008, where she’s taught all grades. Ms. Mueller holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Master’s degree in Teaching from Bellarmine University. She has a mixture of both traditional and progressive teaching methods that encourage a mix of individual and team-based learning to help students not only grow in their understanding of concepts, but also in their ability to collaborate and understand peers. When Jennifer is not spending her time changing the lives of our students, she enjoys exploring her other passion of painting and photography.

“I try to bring in real-world relatable problems and allow the students to navigate through them to help guide learning with the questions and observations they make.”

Q & A with Ms. Mueller

Highlight of the year:

One of my favorite activities from the last year was when the students sculpted characters and created stop motion animations. It was awesome to see them work through the creative process and problem solve how to get their clay characters to do what they wanted.


When it comes to teaching I am most passionate about helping kids find a creative outlet and sparking drive to explore further.


I am here to help students reach their potential. In my classroom students explore and refine their own abilities. I am there to introduce them to methods and elements of art, support them when needed, and allow them to experience and grow from their own successes and failures.

Favorite part of teaching:

My favorite thing about being a teacher is seeing my students shine!

Favorite thing about St. Martha:

My favorite thing about St. Martha is the community. Once a Shamrock, always a Shamrock!

My hope for my students:

I hope they feel safe, I hope they know they are loved, I hope they make mistakes, I hope they grow, and I hope they take risks.

Fun fact:

In my free time, I enjoy painting and photography. Although I don’t enjoy the short daylight hours of fall and winter, the season makes for excellent artistic lighting.


Bachelor’s in Art, Bellarmine University
Master’s of Arts in Education, Bellarmine University